The Kelvin Institute

There are no absolutes.

Statement of Values

We have a set of core assumptions that drive what we do. Here are these principles and what they mean to our mission:

We do not believe humans are always rational actors.
People are driven often by intuitive and emotional factors, as frequently as intellectual ones. Humanism is required for the successful development of social policies.
Humans are innately social beings.
Much of human progress is principled on relationships. We are focused on building connections between stakeholders, from members of the public, to policymakers and scientists.
People are inclined towards acts of compassion for people like them.
Fostering common or shared identity among diverse individuals is key for forming productive coalitions.
Scientific progress is driven by human interest.
To us, this means that advocacy is critical to shining light on underserved subjects of inquiry.
The health of democracy requires constant participation, reflection and criticism.
Even the best ideas in government need to be constantly reviewed for their real impact on the people.
Every idea has a context and application and no idea can be completely generalized.
Every policy and ideological position has exceptions, even the most sanctified ones. This includes our current values.

From these values, comes a vision.