The Kelvin Institute

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Welcome to The Kelvin Institute

What are we?

The Kelvin Institute (TKI) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on promoting civic activism and healthcare journalism among medical students and young healthcare professionals. In particular, we believe the skills of journalism and activism are very much part of the repertoire of the competent 21st century physician. The promotion of truth, humanism, and clear communication found in these fields capture the spirit of compassionate medicine, and has the power to unite all stakeholders in the continual task of reforming our healthcare system. Our primary mission is to encourage our members, peers, and community to embrace these values, and use them to foster open dialogue on key issues in medicine. Through online articles, discussion forums, and open seminars, TKI hopes to achieve these goals, one step at a time.

Who are we?

We are a group of medical professionals and preprofessionals dedicated to an introspective study of our field. Our shared interest is to use the tools of journalism and advocacy to unearth truths about medicine that may not be taught in standard medical education, but are essential to the provision of truly effective care. These includes ethical, philosophical, humanistic, sociological, and administrative aspects of clinical care that lend well to interdisciplinary study and dialectical discussion, which lie at the core of Kelvin's mission. Our secondary objective is tied closely to the first, which is to provide our members with an enhanced ability to communicate, share, and inspire others to the ideas we discuss here, to catalyze conversation about ways our healthcare system can be incrementally improved.

To get a sense of the types of issues we are currently investigating, please check out our latest article, Hospice - Current and Future Directions. Our current focus is looking at issues of death and dying in healthcare, from a look at the history of palliative care, to a survey of new attitudes and practices for dealing with terminal disease.

How you may get involved

Kelvin is in the process of setting up a network of medical students and premeds across the United States. We also have a staff of student writers and editors investigating hot-button issues in healthcare from the perspective of medical humanism and health policy. If you are a medical student or premed looking to explore these issues, improve your communication skills, and connect with your peers, this is just the environment to do so. Our staff currently represent two universities and three medical schools across United States, and we are constantly on the lookout for new perspectives in medicine to add to our team.

Our longer-term goal is to sponsor digital forums or conferences, where members can present self-driven research projects and discuss elements of clinical practice in a controlled and friendly setting. Though this is still a while away, these types of discussions are already happening here now. Whether you are a premed, medical student, or medical professional, we would be delighted to include you in the conversation.