The Kelvin Institute

There are no absolutes.

Welcome to The Kelvin Institute, a think tank dedicated to the study of humanistic public policies, informed by advances in big data, social science, and biomedical research.

We have several core missions...

  • Conduct novel public policy research on undercovered issues in health.
  • Educate a new generation of civic leaders in science.
  • Educate a new generation of scientists in political activism.
  • Provide a platform for new voices in healthcare policy research.

...informed by several core beliefs.

  • The heart of American prosperity starts with good health.
  • There are substantial issues and unrealized opportunities present in our modern healthcare system.
  • There are already solutions to many of these healthcare problems, but an information gap between the public, policymakers, and scientists have slowed down reform.
  • It is possible to merge interdisciplinary scientific fields, civic awareness, and communication skills to make a more effective class of scholars.

These principles guide our mission of producing a community of interdisciplinary and civically-empowered thinkers, who can look at socially-relevant issues, disseminate effective policy solutions, and work closely with a more informed public to enact change.